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Quartz Surfaces

Quartz Table
Corian Quartz Edge Detail.png
How to specify Quartz surfaces

Our Quartz Brand Partners

Quartz Brands & Designs

Click on the brand links above to explore and select your color or design!


  • We make specifying easy. Pick any design! Baltix gives designers and architects the freedom to choose what they want, not what they are limited to.

  • Not seeing the quartz brand that you would like to use for your project? Please let us know and we will see if we can help find the right solution. 

  • For indoor use only.

Thickness Options

Thickness Options





  • 4cm thickness requires a laminated edge

    • Seaming on edges may be visible

  • Custom thicknesses available upon request

  • All quartz surfaces come with an adhered 3/4" marine-grade plywood substrate to secure our BASES

Edge Profiles

Edge Profiles
Eased Edge Profile

Eased Edge (TR3)
1/8" Radius on Top and Bottom of Edges
Available On: 2cm and 3cm


ZR Edge Profile - 1.25 Radius Top Edge .png

ZR Edge
1/4" Radius Top Edge Only
Available On: 2cm and 3cm


T Edge Profile

Summit Edge (T)
3/8" Radius Top and Bottom of Edges
Available On: 3cm


FS Edge - 1 inch Ogee Top Edge with Radius Bottom.png

FS Edge
1" Ogee Top Edge with Radiused Bottom Edge
Available On: 3cm


ZS Edge  - Beveled Top Edge.png

ZS Edge
3/8" Beveled Top Edge
Available On: 3cm


Full Bull Nose - V Edge.png

V Edge
Full Bullnose Edge
Available On: 2cm and 3cm


Half Bull Nose - A Edge.png

A Edge
1/2" Beveled Top Edge
Available On:3cm


Mitered Edge.jpg

Mitered Edge
Laminated Edge
Available On: 4cm +


Common Sizes

Common Surface Sizes 


24" dia. (2400)

30" dia. (3000)

36" dia. (3600)

42" dia. (4200)

48" dia. (4800)


24" x 24" (2424)

30" x 30" (3030)

36" x 36" (3636)

42" x 42" (4242)

48" x 48" (4848)


24"x30" (2430)

27"x30" (2730)

30"x36" (3036)


24"x48" (2448)

24"x60" (2460)

24"x72" (2472)

30"x48" (3048)

30"x60" (3060)

30"x72" (3072)


48" dia. (4800)

60" dia. (6000)

72" dia. (7200)


48" x 96" (4896)

48" x 120" (48120)

48" x 144" (48144)


48" x 96" (4896)

48" x 120" (48120)

48" x 144" (48144)

54" x 144" (54144)


48" x 96" (4896)

48" x 120" (48120)

48" x 144" (48144)


  • Custom sizes are no problem for our team. Tell us what you need for your project and we will get the job done.

  • Are you in need of tops only for the bases that you would like to reuse? Good news, we support top-only orders as well.  

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