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By swapping our usual green particle board table top substrate with an ultra-light honeycomb material and by trading our typical steel bases for aluminum ones, we have managed to reduce up to 50% of the weight from our Greenlites™ tables. The honeycomb core is made from recycled craft paper and is bordered with a green MDF "landing pad" made from recycled wood fiber. The aluminum bases are durable, recyclable, and freight-friendly due to their lightweight. We cover the substrate with our Wilsonart® GREENGUARD certified laminate and protect the perimeter of the table with either our BioEdge edge band or a matching Wilsonart edge band. 

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What's The Advantage To A Lighter Table? 

Mobility! Many times it is a requirement that a table needs to flip, fold, nest, stack, or roll. These modular tables are simply easier to move around when they weigh less. Greenlites tables are the ultimate back saver!

(Shown: GT - 2460 - F2(7946/W) - N - R(S) +LC)

Weight: 48 lbs

(Shown: GT - 2460 - F2(7976/W) - F - E(S))

Weight: 48 lbs

Flip-Top Mechanism for Nested Storage


Folding Mechanism for Stacked Storage


 HPL Design Options


All standard laminate options ending in "-38 or -60"

Formica Logo.jpg

All standard laminate options ending in "-58

Pionite Logo.jpg

All standard HPL laminate options ending in "Suede (SD)"


All standard laminate options ending in "-T

Sustainable Base Options

Recyclable Aluminum Base

Round (R) 

Extruded (E) 

Non-VOC Metal Powder Coat Color Options

Steel and Aluminum Base Finish Options

Screenshot 2021-07-27 111624 - Powder Coat.jpg

List Price & Specification Guide

Note: All pricing documents include list pricing. Please contact Baltix for applicable discounts. 

List Price & Product Specification Guide 

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