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Conference Tables

Our goal is to provide a comprehensive solution that is high quality, straightforward, simple to order, and offered at a great value. We know that conference tables are very special and unique to each space, so please contact us if you are looking for a feature that you don't see here, and we will create a custom solution to fit your needs. 

Ingot Base Conference Tables 

These Ingot double column T-bases were designed with a low sleek profile in mind. The main bars are made of 1/2" thick steel, making them incredibly stable, eliminating the spring effect. 

(Shown: CT - T - 4896 - F4(D427) - E2 - BI(S))

Arch Base Conference Tables 

These Arch double column T bases are given a softer, more fluidized look with the subtle bended arch. Its curves pair up nicely with round tops and give a classier look to a classic design.  

(Shown: CT - R - 48120 - F6(3576/PG) - BA(S))

Toob Base Conference Tables 

The simplicity of the 2" diameter Toob double column T bases allows for nearly unlimited flexibility in creating different sized tables. The same simplicity creates a timeless appearance with it's welded and polished steel end caps. 

(Shown: CT - B - 54144 - F6(10776/W) - BT(S))

Mono Base Conference Tables 

(Shown: CT - R - 48288 - F7(5240) - E2 - BF(D91)+E2X(2))

List Price & Specification Guide

Note: All pricing documents include list pricing. Please contact Baltix for applicable discounts. 

List Price & Product Specification Guide 

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