Height Adjustable Tables

Gone are the days when you have to choose between a tall table and a short one...now you can have both (and everything in between)! We offer several types of height adjustable bases at a variety at a variety of price points and height ranges. Our Motor and Pneumatic Lift mechanisms can even ergonomically support a full sit-to-stand. These mechanisms were designed in Germany and are made in USA.  

Mechanism Options

Ratchet (Manual) ADJR

Simply grab the edge of the table top and lift to raise. The ratchet mechanism will click incrementally until it reaches the highest position...then it will lower all the way back down, similar to a reclining lawn chair. 


ADJR Base Height: 26" to 35.5" (9.5" range)

Height adjustability at the turn of a handle. Handle pulls out to adjust height and then pushes back under the table, out of sight.  

ADJC  Base Height: 26" to 35.5" (9.5" range)

ADJCX Base Height: 26" to 43.5" (17.5" range)

Crank (Manual) ADJC or ADJCX

Adjust your table height at the push of a button. Motor gives the largest adjustable height range. Because it is electric...you guessed it...it will need to be plugged in.

ADJM  Base Height: 26" to 45.7" (19.7" range)

ADJMX Base Height: 23.75" to 48.5" (24.75" range)

Motor (Electric) ADJM or ADJMX

Smooth adjustability with an easy lever release. On the pneumatic lift, the leg is inverted, meaning the "inner column" will grow out of the bottom of the leg near the foot.  

ADJL Base Height: 26" to 43.7" (17.7" range)

Note: To achieve the optimal performance for the pneumatic lift, we want to make sure we give your mechanism the right amount of "muscle" to lift the table top and anything on it. When ordering, please contact us to chat about your intended application. 

Pneumatic (Manual) ADJL

Base Options

Premium Foot (+P)

Standard Foot

Non-VOC Metal Powder Coat Color Options

List Price & Specification Guide

Note: All pricing documents include list pricing. Please contact Baltix for applicable discounts. 

List Price & Product Specification Guide 

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