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Forbo's Marmoleum™ surfacing material is a versatile classic with a contemporary edge. Ranging from subtle marbled designs, to modern concrete and intriguing striped patterns, Marmoleum™ offers a design to suit every taste or application. There are over 300 colors and 9 different design structures to choose from. We utilize Forbo's Marmoleum™ by adhering it to either a CARB II compliant birch multiply or to our 100% recycled and CARB II compliant particle board with our non-PVC BioEdge™ edge band made from corn polymer.


Patterns & Solids 

100% Biobased

Marmoleum™ is USDA certified 100% biobased. This natural linoleum surface is made from 97% natural raw materials, 70% of which are rapidly renewable, along with a 43% recycled content. The key raw materials used in its production include linseed oil, which comes from the flax plant seeds, wood flour as production waste from controlled forestry plantations and jute, a crop whose fibres provide the material for the membrane onto which the linoleum is calendared.

Natural Habitat

What makes Marmoleum special is that it is created entirely from raw materials obtained from their natural habitat right where they grow and renew, often in just 12 months time. Jute and Flax are annual crops that can be harvested just like wheat or corn. Extracting rosin is a continuous process, while wood flour, a waste material from the timber industry, is derived from European production forests. Limestone is available in abundance. 

Durable and Low Maintenance 

Marmoleum™ surfaces are extremely durable and offers the most sustainable choice wherever a resillient surface is considered. All Marmoleum™ surfaces now include Topsheild2™, a double UV cured finish that takes care of these beautiful surfaces with a lasting appearance retention, that results in a surface solution with the lowest costs of ownership over its life-time. The primary layer of Topsheild2™ acts as a primer that is flexible and elastic. The secondary layer is a tough surface finish that is dirt repellent and resistant to scratches and staining. 

Hygienic and Antistatic by Nature

This all-natural composition of Forbo's special surface finish ensure that Marmoleum™ is naturally antistatic. This gives it a key practical advantage in comparison with other furniture finishes because the surface actively resists the build-up of static charges. This helps to prevent dust or dirt from sticking to it and helps to ensure that the material remains unblemished, hygienic and clean. 

Note: All certifications illustrated above are the property of Forbo Flooring Inc and are only applicable to this material. 

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